BNG Infotech Private Limited Offers Quality, Feature-rich Cargo Management Software

December 29 01:21 2022

BNG Infotech Private Limited is a company known for offering feature-rich and fully customizable logistic ERP software in various logistic verticals. In fact, their software carries decades of intense research and combined efforts from their experts. Thus, it has the right information structure that logistic players can use to overcome some of their numerous challenges. So far, the company’s logistic software has assisted more than 300 logistics companies in digitizing their business operations and getting total control of their business operations. Typically, the software is GST compliant, is built on the latest technology, and can adapt one’s logistic operations to meet their market’s needs.

Answering a query, the company spokesperson said, “An effective logistics management system and processes will help to optimize the supply chain to improve time, materials, and resource usage. Unlocking the power of analytics, data, and automation using logistics software enables the stakeholders to take a proactive approach to logistics management. With state-of-the-art software and tools, they can achieve growth-oriented and positive changes.”

As a top provider of affordable truck management software cost, BNG Infotech Private Limited offers a unique cargo management software capable of processing data and providing desired results in any logistics business segment, including the automobile carriers segment and fleet management processes. For automobile carriers, the software gives them unique functionality to manage transport operations, fleet operations and accounting in a single software solution. This process is implemented by the software in several ways, including capturing industry-specific information in consignment like engine number, using customer-generated consignment numbers as it is, importing consignment from a spreadsheet, using transshipment functionality without generating manifest, and more.

The company spokesperson added, “The software also allows businesses to make data-driven decisions, improve process efficiency and enhance reliability and transparency. All of these collectivities ensure that companies can meet customers’ requirements and strive to exceed their expectations. Since the current market is essentially customer-centric, it gets complex for businesses to align with ever-changing customer behavior. Thus, using logistics software is critical to access real-time data and analytics and creating opportunities for growth and success. For more insight, clients can contact us.”

The fleet management operations are also made easy with BNG Infotech Private Limited’s cargo management software. Apart from having truck management features, revenue accounting is well managed in the software. With the software, fleet owners get to connect their own generated consignment in the trip process, generate truck forwarding notes for taking a load on third-party consignment, connect truck forwarding notes in trip begin and billing, and GST accounting for truck forwarding notes. Also, fleet owners get to reduce their data processing costs as the software supports the integration of FASTag, petrol, and payment cards. In addition, they also get to know their fleet trips, trucks, and tire cost instantly. Typically, the cargo software price is relatively low. So, those wanting to use it in their logistic operations should consider contacting the company today.

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