ZHKRPCB LTD Launches New Form of Buying Printed Circuit Board Devices Online

January 14 17:56 2020
ZHKRPCB LTD has released PCB Instant Quote online. Customers can now order various PCB components online based on their specifications and needs.

Electronics Industries looking for PCB components can now visit ZHKRPCB LTD’s online platform and order any amount, size, quality, color and design they want. The firm reads all the keyed-in data and then goes head to print the component required. The process of PCB fabrication goes through strict conditions; everything is checked while the fabrication process is in process, including the traces and leads. Once the gaps are drilled with the best equipment and PCB is manufactured, the prototype examination is done to confirm its efficiency and functionality. But, under any failure in the process, a new type is created. The firm ensures that everything is kept under scrutiny until it works as needed. Therefore customers can rest assured that their order is well taken care of. The management has said that they are adding more machines to improve production and handle all the customer demands in a fast possible way.  

Those electronic companies that are not quite adept at fabricating their PCBs are now able to able to place an instant PCB quote on ZHKRPCB LTD’s website. It is a simple process. And customers need to visit the site and fill in all the required. The firm then scrutinizes every detail, and then quickly designs, manufactures, and ships the product to the clients. Among the data, the customers are required to fills include Product type, PCB kinds, PCB specifications, color, and the number of layers etc. The price usually varies because it’s determined by the number of layers the design needs, among other factors. But thanks to this service offered by ZHKRPCB LTD using precise order forms, a customer can now get what he/she ordered.  1-6 layers PCB quickly.  more than 100 software and hardware engineers with many years experience in technology development and PCB design. Whatever it  is two-sided boards,   multilayer boards or high frequency boards, we can provide the following services: PCB copy, PCB changing, schematic diagram designing, PCB layout, BOM list making, prototype manufacturing (including debugging), the batch processing of finished product, technical support, quality assurance of PCB production, according to the requirements of our customers. Therefore, it will save your cost for the development and drawing design, and in the mean time, it will help you fulfill these items: Purchasing the scarce components, replacement of the devices with compatible function, the design for signal source and testing frame etc.

 ZHKRPCB LTD Launches New Form of Buying Printed Circuit Board Devices Online

ZHKRPCB LTD’s PCB components are beneficial and reliable for secure electric channels in electronics equipment. These boards serve as a mounting surface for numerous electrical items necessary to make the machine execute properly. The PCB Assembly is when the firm solders electronic items to a printed circuit board to develop and complete a fully functional printed circuit assembly.

ZHKRPCB LTD is introducing an instant PCB quote. This permits customers to enter all the information, including the thickness, copper thickness, material of the board and milling etc. The client can get an accurate quote at the end. Usually, ZHKRPCB LTD’s PCB’s cost per board decreases as its quantity increases. This is for a reason for the reasonably high price of the setup of circuit board manufacturing and assembly of components. The process is simple, and it takes a few minutes to finish and order. The delivery usually varies; for instance: five to thirty pieces, the delivery usually takes 24 to 48 hours, while more than 50 pieces, the delivery takes three to seven days. And you also the option of choosing the shipping type.

For more information regarding their services, click this link http://www.zhkrpcb.com and gain more insights.


A full service electronics producing company, ZHKRPCB LTD offers high-quality design, printed circuit boards components. As a leader in the industry, ZHKRPCB LTD has many years of experience culminating in an extensive knowledge of PCB fabrication and manufacturing. Their high-speed pick and place machines can manage up to 29000 PCB every day. All their PCB services are fully certified and approved.

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