Extreme Music Entertainment Signee Wizdoh is Set to Release a New Single “Ogechi” To Delivers a Modern Highlife Number

June 19 07:49 2021
Wizdoh is reportedly all set to releases his new song Ogechi on 25th of June with Extreme Music Entertainment.

Wizdoh, as his real name is Wisdom Ubong Robert, is a former pop and highlife singer and songwriter from Nigeria. Wizdoh was born on May 7, 1999, in the state of Akwa Ibom in the southern coastal part of Nigeria. The afro-pop star is currently under contract with Extreme Music Entertainment. He is one of the most mentioned celebrities in the public eye. Wizdoh has made his name as a singer and continued to expand his empire with various projects. The talented afro-pop and Highlife singer has inspired fans all over the world, with many people enamored by his style and confident personality. Aside from his accomplishments in music, the singer has managed to educate the masses. Many of his songs carry a great message and any person can sit down and listen. For instance, the first song he did in 2020. The main goal of the song was to address a significant topic in our society and the world in general. The release made him such a promising fresh and emerging new talent to see or hear. Next June, Wizdoh will entertain us with another love song called “Ogechi”. It is a miraculous song and conveys a profound message.

Extreme Music Entertainment Signee Wizdoh

As mentioned earlier, Wizdoh is a pop star whose real name is Wisdom Ubong Robert. Born and educated in Nigeria, Wizdoh is now a common name in the pop industry. Wizdoh is currently 22 years old and is now an icon of Nigeria’s youth as well as the international world. He has been in the music industry since 2012 but made a breakthrough in 2020.

Extreme Music Entertainment Signee Wizdoh

Extreme Music Entertainment is one of the legendary music labels that Wizdoh is under contract. It is such a music label for those who love pop music and listen to it regularly. So, for people who love music, Extreme Music Entertainment has several genres and singles under their label. It is a music record label suitable for those who plan to produce their music for a real income without business traps and triumphs. Extreme Music entertainment groups are a type of music production project manager. They can, in consultation with the artist, contribute creatively to the music creation, manage funds, communicate, mix and master, market the final product, etc. The music record label is one of those music record labels, that tend to be more involved in creating music than managing the music itself.

Extreme Music Entertainment Signee Wizdoh

Wizdoh has released several top musical records. The Ogechi is one of Wizdoh’s highly anticipated works due out on June 25th. The single is a deeply dug song with an afro beat and highlife fusion. In the love song, Wizdoh serenades the girl of his dreams, where he showered her with an open description of how special and beautiful she is for him.

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