Long Island, NY Based Together Beverages Launches All-Natural Energy Drink and Gives Back 50% of The Profits for Social Good

October 28 03:29 2021
Long Island, NY Based Together Beverages Launches All-Natural Energy Drink and Gives Back 50% of The Profits for Social Good
Together Beverages is committed to giving back 50% of all profits from all products sold directly to non-profits and individuals in local communities.

LONG ISLAND, NY, USA – Together Beverages LLC, a 100% Black family-owned company is based out of Long Island, NY. The company was founded on a strong belief that businesses have a responsibility that does not end at making money for the owners, promoters and shareholders. That businesses do not exist in isolation and have a responsibility to the communities they serve and operate in. As part of their commitment to social responsibility, Together Beverages gives back 50% of the profits for every single product sold, in order to support various social causes on a global scale. Some of the social causes they are associated with include health, social, financial, safety and welfare of the society.


“At Together Beverages, we are strongly committed to our social responsibility. We believe that giving back to the community gives each of our partners a greater sense of purpose, belongingness and connection to the community,” says Tonja McClain, founder of Together Beverages.

Tonja has been working as a Construction Project Engineer on Long Island for the past 26 years. She is a fitness enthusiast and has regularly participated in 5Ks, 10Ks, half marathons, and marathons. As a certified run coach and certified personal trainer, she enjoys helping others to reach their fitness goals through coaching and training.

Throughout her years in fitness, one thing that always eluded Tonja was finding a clean source of energy to recharge her workout sessions. She was never satisfied with the drinks, powders, and gels available on the market. This motivated her to do her own research on beverages, which eventually led to the birth of her new family venture called Together Beverages.

Together Beverages has recently launched a refreshing new all-natural Energy Drink. The company’s flagship beverage which is an all-natural, low calorie, great tasting, berry flavored energy drink, has become an instant hit with its consumers. The energy drink is available in various editions such as Single Mother’s Edition, Essential Worker’s Edition, Covid Relief Fund, LGBTQIA+ Edition among others. Each edition represents the cause that it supports.

“Together Beverages has created a way for consumers to give back to causes that they believe in through purchasing a product that they consume every day,” says Tonja. “These causes include, but are not limited to, some of the major issues affecting our lives today like, Essential Workers including all undocumented individuals, COVID Relief, the LGBTQIA+ Community, Social Justice, Single Mothers, Mental Health, Prison Reform, Hip Hop, and the list goes on. Contributions will be made to local non-profit organizations in communities in need across the nation.”

Today, Together Beverages proudly boasts of its “Community First” approach that is widely admired by everyone associated with them including their consumers and the beneficiaries of the social causes they support. The dedication to consumer satisfaction and social causes is unparalleled and makes for a unique business model which consumers are proud to be associated with and recommend to others.

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Together Beverages LLC, a 100% Black family-owned company based in Long Island, NY, USA. They offer high-quality all-natural energy drinks which are low in calories and taste great. The company is committed to giving back 50% of its profits from all products to non-profits and individuals in local communities.

For more information about Together Beverages and other inquiries, send an email or reach out via the website (https://togetherbeverages.com/).  

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