Aroma Therapy Bliss, Stress Relief and Community Support with Essentials By Bee

November 03 22:51 2021
Aroma Therapy Bliss, Stress Relief and Community Support with Essentials By Bee

In the product line of Essentials by Bee one can look forward to room sprays, essential oils to be used for a diffuser or topical application. In the line of Essentials by Bee are an intentional selection of soothing products that are needed now more than ever. The release of these essential oils is the preface of Essentials by Bee debut of thought therapy journals being released in the month of December followed by journal entry courses facilitated by certified journal facilitators. These combinations of services and products are all designed to provide others with a go to place for support. The mission of Essentials by Bee is to cultivate compassion, nurture creativity and give back to the community.

Bee’s Essential Oils are therapeutic grade essential oil blends designed to naturally relax, replenish, and restore. The blends are lovingly crafted with top grade ingredients for aromatherapy bliss. Visit Bees essential .com today for the lush experience of the essential oils and natural blends imbue in an aromatic way. The richness of vanilla, citrus, sandalwood, and chamomile are just a few of the under notes one will find in these blended masterpieces.

Bee’s Essential Oils are cultivated and crafted from love. Creating the first products of Bee’s Essentials was an experience of healing and remembrance. After the sudden passing of the Founders mother, who was affectionately known as Ms. Bee, she began using essential oils to support her many emotions. As time went on these oil blends became a part of her everyday life. Bee’s Essential Oils offer a sense of calmness, clarity, and communion.

Essentials by Bee gives back to the community by way of partnering with local organizations in addressing community needs. By purchasing products from this company other nonprofit organizations and minority owned businesses are able to receive support through partnership agreements. Together they are changing the narrative of relaxation, holistic support, and organizations helping each other excel. Essentials by Bee is female owned and operated. It is a black owned business and they are building lasting legacy through every intentional partnership they create with other businesses and community partners.

Join the movement and collaborative efforts of Essentials by Bee by following on social media on instagram at bees_essentials. Purchase from their online site:

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