China’s Dnurse racing to redefine digital diabetes care philosophy

November 06 00:43 2021

Challenges in diabetes care loom large globally, but a Chinese company in diabetes care aims to parlay an inborn disdain for conventionality into a pioneering provider for digital diabetes management service. Founded in June 2013 with a view to go beyond traditional diabetes management wisdom, Dnurse has set its sights on offering a personalized, professional and digital technology-enabled diabetes management solution. Being an inveterate iconoclast and creator, Dnurse is displaying a new diabetes care philosophy that blends people-first service with digital technology, as it is expanding its reach and luster across the globe. Currently, the close, deep cooperation between Dnurse and ETAO International Group, a Cayman Islands digital healthcare company, is forging ahead with a broadened future of reaching out to more diabetics with the world’s latest healthcare solutions and resources.

Behind Dnurse’s smart, safe, and patient-centred diabetes digital therapeutics, there lies a simple winning formula that “digital therapeutics (DTx) equates with device + data + decision (3D).” With the 3D philosophy as the common thread, Dnurse has earned itself a ticket to a more feasible diabetics self-management, higher patient retention and engagement, as well as a more robust product-led growth.

For a digital diabetes care pathfinder, device always comes first. A strong portfolio of products bearing the Dnurse brand is rooted in the company’s enviable ability to promote IoT R&D, enabled by its partnership with Sinocare, Asia’s biggest blood glucose monitoring system manufacturer. Now, Dnurse offers the gamut of smart diabetes care products, from smart glucose meter to smart insulin dosage tracker. As such, the accessibility of advanced devices makes for increasing patient engagement and retention through supporting their needs across the spectrum of care.

Dnurse focus on an array of diabetes management parameters, ranging from Dnurse APP MAU and user retention to HbA1c change trend and blood glucose normal rate 59%. Drawing on this wealth of data, it is able to provide finely-tuned diabetes management and treatment packages with speed, safety and precision. More crucial to Dnurse’s smart, effective use of data is artificial intelligence (AI), which has been written into the Dnurse DNA since its founding. In cooperation with Baidu AI Accelerator and Microsoft Accelerator, Dnurse is capable of leveraging AI to make its diabetes management packages more optimized, burden-free, consistent and humanistic.

Dnurse’s 3D philosophy stands for more than smart devices and a wealth of data. Its Intelligent Decision Support System (IDSS) is a passport to a new mode of diabetes care. With more than 6000 scenarios for diabetes care, the system matches with WellDoc (Patient Coach, Expert System, Decision Support) and Livongo Health (Algorithm rule engine), capable of offering a more professional, targeted decision-making in digital diabetes management.

Sensing a customer set underserved by its outdated, complacent diabetes care counterparts, Dnurse established a clear business ethos that features two key characters: lower cost and higher efficiency. This business ethos has its genesis in China’s health care system and diabetes care market, the limitations of which made low-cost, high-efficient and easy-to-come-by diabetes self-management a rarity and necessity in China.

So far, Dnurse’s digital diabetes management services, be it Dnurse App or smart insulin dosage tracker, have earned widespread endorsement in various markets. With a robust growth in user engagement and retention, Dnurse has conditioned large numbers of diabetics to use its services or products routinely and achieved better self-management results. Moreover, it also helped such pharmaceutical enterprises as Novo Nordisk and Sanofi to develop patients’ inclination to use their medicines in the long run.

A saying of Dnurse’s has it that the correct pecking order is customer and shareholder first, and itself next. Dnurse is committed to understanding viscerally the concerns and needs of its patients and acting as a conduit for fulfilling those needs. At the same time, Dnurse always chooses the win-win cooperation path and focuses on creating shareholder value, forging a vibrant synthesis between itself and its shareholders.

Dnurse, ever the optimist, never stick with what people already know but continue to explore new diabetes care solutions that mesh with the Dnurse culture. From now on, it looks to work with ETAO International Group, which is to be a leading digital healthcare group with tele-medicine, hospital care, primary care, pharmacy and health insurance covering all life stages of patients, to forge the synergy to secure a more sizable market presence, gain a priceless cachet and even reshape the established diabetes management landscape, in a bid to cater to Chinese diabetics’ needs. Dnurse will be preeminent diabetes management service-generators and facilitators all at once, together in the quest for the ultimate public good of benefiting more diabetics.

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