French Connection Finance Is Seeing a Massive Popularity With Its Value Surging Multiple Times in 24 hours.

November 05 20:45 2021
French Connection Finance Is Seeing a Massive Popularity With Its Value Surging Multiple Times in 24 hours.
French Connection Finance
French Connection Finance value surges up by over 300% in a day. French Connection Finance is led by an ingenious visionary, who is revolutionizing the De-Fi space while building a strong community that believes in its bright future

Nov 5, 2021 – French Connection Finance is currently building a promising credit card and cryptocurrency payment gateway that would allow merchants and retailers to sell/purchase goods and services on e-commerce portals and cell phone applications with any cryptocurrency they want. The payment gateway will change the way the world sees and uses cryptocurrency; it would even likely make cryptocurrency transactions easier than credit card transactions.

The payment gateway fees are about 50% cheaper than the regular credit card fees and the funds are made instantly available to merchants. There are also significant advantages for merchants and retailers when using the payment gateway.

French Connection Finance is also a reward token, which means just by holding a token, you are rewarded daily. Holders of French Connection Finance tokens are automatically awarded dividends every 24 hours with the ability to harvest at any time they wish. Dividends come in the form of BNB (Binance Coin) and will depend on the amount of French Connection Finance token one holds in their wallets. Currently, half of all transaction taxes go straight into the BNB dividend pool and are distributed to French Connection Finance token holders on a daily basis, with the remaining tax going to the liquidity pool to fund and further the development of French Connection Finance.

With companies worldwide aiming to make it possible for this ever-changing, and relatively new, market to purchase goods and services on a day to day basis with cryptocurrency, John Nasr, the founder of French Connection Finance, believes that French Connection Finance will become the future of the industry, taking the DeFi space by storm. A tremendous amount of thought has gone into ensuring that this project is delivered with care and consideration and that it is fully functional, and most importantly, safe for the user, guaranteeing confidentiality at all times. This is the future aim for all cryptocurrencies, and the French Connection Finance token will be front and centre, leading the way. The very fact that the company owners are looking to make cryptocurrency accessible over a mass scale, all over the world, has further increased their popularity amongst early investors, which is set to grow further.

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About French Connection Finance

French Connection Finance is the latest game-changing cryptocurrency token. This DeFi token aims to become the go-to for any anonymous encrypted payments; therefore, we are working hard to commercialise its use in e-commerce portals. It is using Binance Smart Chain as its platform. There are currently 91B tokens in circulation with a market cap of $3 million at the time of writing.

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