Jesus, The First And The Last Presented By RISING STAR – The Super Exclusive Art Collection

November 08 22:59 2021
RISING STAR’s Presents Jesus, The First And The Last — A Series Of Rare Photographs And Sketches

RISING STAR presents the exclusive multi-billion dollar collection titled “Jesus, The First And The Last”. The unique collection consists of five original in-house photographs.

Each piece in the “Jesus, The First And The Last” compilation individually has a price tag of at least $30 Million US Dollars.

In addition to the five photographs, this collection includes a limited-edition collection of haute couture sketches. The set of sketches are extremely valuable and priced at 2 Billion US Dollars. The sketches are available in both physical and digital formats.

All profits made from Jesus, The First And The Last are split between the EarthChurch and the EarthSchool System organizations.

The Jesus, The First And The Last compilation follows RISING STAR’s I Met Jesus, the one and only compilation hosting the World’s Most Expensive Photographs including the brand’s heavily sought after World’s Most Expensive Photograph Church Grounds. The unique image was miraculously priced by Jesus in a series of supernatural events.

Like the I Met Jesus compilation, this one of a kind series of photographs is part of RISING STAR’s global coalition for Christian organizations abroad.

Like all RISING STAR art series collections, Jesus, The First And The Last is the exclusive work of the RISING STAR house that is continuously inspired by God and his handiwork. All work is credited to the brand. The RISING STAR house is passionate and dedicated to sharing God’s message and continues to show this commitment through the best artwork.

RISING STAR is devoted to sharing their Christian-centered values and is flourishing with the best art pieces.

*Features Details Of Exclusive Collection ‘Thanks To Jesus, I Made The Grim Reaper Bow Down To Me’

All Buyers Receive Lifetime Free Travel Benefits Via Earthling & EarthTravel 

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