Qian Insurance Broking achieves leading position for providing comprehensive cyber insurance solutions in India

November 09 02:03 2021
Qian Insurance Broking achieves leading position for providing comprehensive cyber insurance solutions in India

Given the fast-changing environment, businesses are facing newer risks each and every day. In such a scenario, businesses need to adapt and partner with the right companies to protect themselves from such risks. One way to secure your company from such risks is being comprehensively insured against various risks faced by your organization.

Businesses in India have begun to appreciate the importance of insurance with increase in awareness. However, there is a dearth of quality professional advice which only the top companies have been able to access.  Qian has made a conscious attempt to provide quality insurance advice to small and medium sized companies in India.

Offering tips for choosing the best insurance broker, the company spokesperson said, “Insurance brokers represent and work for clients. The clients should be aware of their specialization as well as the claims settlement experience by speaking to other customers. Since Insurance Brokers have tie-ups with multiple insurance companies, they also assist with getting competitive premiums.” 

Over the last few years, Cyber Risk has emerged as a top concern for companies and there have been multiple instances of companies in India suffering from System Breaches. Recently, Acer suffered a Data Breach in India and had to notify impacted customers. There have been situations where even small and medium sized business suffered from ransomware attacks which resulted in disruption of business operations. Given the increasing risk and the need to mitigate the same, Qian has stepped in with customized Cyber Insurance Solutions for its clients and has topped the list of insurance brokers in India for Cyber Insurance Policies having served several esteemed clients.

A cyber risk or cyber threat is the potential of harm, disruption, or loss resulting from attacks or breach of information systems. It is something that typically results from the use of various internet-enabled devices such as desktops, tablets, mobile phones, laptops etc.

Cyber-attacks and security breaches normally result in the destabilization of business operations thereby adversely impacting profits. They also lead to regulatory scrutiny from the regulators, which might result in fines and penalties.

Thus, businesses need to look for cyber liability insurance to protect themselves from cyber risk. At Qian, they offer the best quotes for cyber insurance policies in India. Over the years, Qian has served various companies for their Cyber Insurance requirements. If you wish to buy cyber insurance in India for your company, you can consider contacting Qian.

Speaking about the first-party liability coverages under a cyber liability policy, the company spokesperson said, “There are several first-party liability coverages under a cyber insurance policy. Some of them include E-Theft loss, E-Vandalism, and many more. Cyber Insurance Policies provide cover for E-Theft which typically covers loss due to fraudulent and unauthorized data input from a hacked system resulting in a fraudulent fund transfer. E-Vandalism covers losses that result from insured’s computers, servers, and network systems being vandalized out of malafide intention.

Many Cyber Insurance Policies cover extortion costs which include the cost to investigate the ransomware attacks, negotiate with hackers and make a ransom payment.” 

Qian Insurance Broking LLP is one of the leading online insurance brokers in India assisting various businesses for their insurance requirements. The company closely works with its clients to provide tailor-made insurance solutions for various businesses and ensuring that the clients are comprehensively secured.

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Qian Insurance Broking LLP is a leading insurance broker in India offering risk management advice to clients from across various industries. Qian has a team of experts with specific domain knowledge in various complex insurances such as Cyber Insurance, Factory Insurance, Engineering Insurance and Trade Credit Insurance. Companies can contact Qian for their commercial insurance requirements.

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