Al-Fakih, A great leader… A great career

November 10 06:00 2021
Al-Fakih, A great leader... A great career

Al-Hassan enrolled at the university in 2017 and has achieved amazing things both as a leader and a volunteer over the past four years. He has emerged as a young individual with a promising future, and today, he is recognized as one of the best young volunteers in the Middle East.

Al-Hassan, a twenty-two year old student at the University of Jordan, has proved himself to the world through leadership and volunteer work, and this shows that his achievements were not a mere coincidence.

Al-Hassan, a member of the Jordanian Youth Government, launched two volunteer initiatives in two different countries; Jordan and Yemen. Those initiatives aimed at providing humanitarian aid and support to people in remote areas.

Also, he demonstrated a great leadership ability as a representative of the Arab youth in AWMUN conference in Indonesia.

In addition to that, Al-Hassan is the Hult Prize record holder for organizing four Hult events in four different universities in one year.

Fakih’s ambition hasn’t stopped yet. Successful journeys in sport, education, leadership, and entrepreneurship has led him to dream of politics. “I am that kind of person who always seeks to make the place I am in stand out and triumph.”

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