This 18-year-old is paving the way for the next generation of entrepreneurs

November 12 16:58 2021
This 18-year-old is paving the way for the next generation of entrepreneurs
Meet Jacob O’Connor, the new generation entrepreneur, who is inspiring the youth across the world by providing them financial and career education.

SEATTLE, WA, USA – The arrival of the digital age has brought many opportunities and advantages to the generation of today. For 18-year-old entrepreneur Jacob O’Connor, he calls the internet, the “Modern Library of Alexandria.”


Most students in high school attend after-school extracurriculars such as sports teams, or clubs. O’Connor, on the other hand, was fascinated by the world of social media and viral marketing. By the end of 8th grade, O’Connor knew he wanted to be his own boss.

At age 14, O’Connor learned how to create a brand and promote it through viral marketing campaigns on Instagram. By the time O’Connor was 15, he made his first $1,000 in revenue. This was a realization for O’Connor, who thought the only way to make money was to work a 9–5 job.

This realization led O’Connor to teach his friends how to make money online, and by the start of his junior year in high school, he had shown at least 20 people how to diversify their income online. At the end of his junior year, O’Connor‘s desire to teach more people grew so much that he started a new project: Next Generation Lemonade.

Next Generation Lemonade is a not-for-profit project that was started to deliver financial and career education to classrooms around the world. Next Generation Lemonade’s mission was simple: to teach youth around the world how to make their money grow.

One of the major things that Next Generation Lemonade took into consideration was that many countries around the world do not have reliable access to the internet. This led to the project creating an educational package in multiple languages that included teaching resources. Not only does this package teach students how to manage and invest their money, but also how to grow in their careers.

Next Generation Lemonade has distributed educational resources to classrooms in the Philippines and Indonesia. However, O’Connor wants to reach even more students, and he certainly has the drive to do so.

For more information and other inquiries, reach out via email or visit their website.

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