Regain the lost confidence by fixing the receding hair by latest technology in Hyderabad

November 16 17:32 2021

15 Nov, 2021 – Extreme pollution, bad food habits, anxiety and stress, harsh working conditions, continuous air conditioning at the environment, over thinking etc., these are all the few basic issues that causes hair loss. In spite of us taking care of our health with improved food habits, exercises, walking etc., still it takes enormous amount of time to get back the health and the hair, once lost and its lost. Regaining hair growth is tiresome process and it takes diligent effort from each individual to balance it. Receding hairline can really impact the confidence of an individual. Thankfully we have the solution for that persisting issue now. Hair transplant is an easy and a only available option in the market now which gives success immediately. A perfect cosmetic surgery is a turning point for many and changed lives all over.

To get a successful hair transplant In Hyderabad, follow the route check out the map for directions.

They say thyroid attack women more than men, similarly, when it’s comes to receding hairline men get affected more than women. Also, it doesn’t mean women aren’t affected by hair loss, they are equally suffering, but men get affected more so. A report says, “60% males and 50% females face hair loss eventually. Some go for medicines which gives results but not to perfection. Topical treatments such as Minoxidil (Rogaine) is taken by people who suffer extreme hair loss. However, the best method for restoration is Hair Transplant. Initially, Many methods were tried and tested, For example – single scalp hairs were utilized: Later, specialists came with the “PLUG” method. As years passed by surgeons began using micro and mini grafts to decrease the transplanted hairs look over the scalp: Visit their site for detailed information.

Transplantations are highly effective method in the recent times, much better than the over- the counter medications for hair restoration. Also, The doctor uses a technique wherein they take the used hair and transplants it to a site where there is no hair exists. Sedations are given during the procedures. There are two techniques that is used in redefine clinic FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation). It’s a difference between removing the hair from the back to extraction of scalp ‘s piece from the back of the head with a scalpel. The techniques used here would take from few hours to many days to complete. Medications are provided post-surgery. Additionally, they give clear instructions after the surgery, the procedures which must be followed with diligence.

Moreover, they give advanced treatment to remove stretch marks caused during pregnancy, obesity or some with skin disorders. They will help to make the skin rejuvenate with their high-end techniques.

The way we look makes our life better and it helps to keep the confidence on float. However, the receding hairline which for many shatters the confidence in them to even look at the mirror. Dr Harikiran is an expert in hair transplantation, the success stories in his site will vouch for his perfection.

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