NNB Nutrition Announces the Investment of Tens of Millions of Yuan Series A Funding Round Led by Addor Capital

November 18 21:27 2021

Nanjing – November 18th, 2021 – Nanjing Nutrabuilding Bio-tech Co., LTD. (NNB Nutrition https://nnbnutrition.com/), a dietary supplement supplier dedicated to research, development, production and sales of premium-quality, innovative nutritional and functional ingredients, announces the investment of tens of millions of yuan Series A funding round led by Addor Capital. NNB Nutrition will use the financing funding for the development and promotion of new products and the construction of their new production base and distribution channels to continue building a trusted network for partners worldwide. 

Established in 2015, NNB Nutrition is a global supplier of innovative dietary supplement ingredients, semi-finished products and finished products. The product pipeline involves many fields such as weight loss, muscle building, glucose control, healthy aging, brain health, emotion management, and immunity improvement. Based on the core capabilities of creative design, technology research and development, clinical research, patent protection and new category marketing, NNB provides innovative raw materials and semi-finished products for GNC, Nestle, Iovate and other well-known European and American dietary supplement brands. It also provides global consumers with finished products including Smuthe, Plus LifeSpan, Augmented, EXP Labs and other proprietary brands.

Shi Yunzhong, founding partner of Addor Capital, believes that dietary supplement industry is very promising with attributes of big health industry and consumption, which is a new demand for consumers of all ages. With economic development and people’s increasing emphasis on health, dietary supplements will continue to grow rapidly. “Investment is the starting point of cooperation. I hope NNB will continue to maintain a good momentum of development, increase investment in R&D, make premium products and provide first-class services and contribute to human health. Addor Capital is willing to work with NNB Nutrition to innovate and empower the dietary supplement industry around the world.” says Shi Yunzhong.

After years of development, NNB Nutrition has built a global design, research and development, production and marketing system. Its whole chain and global layout have been gradually improved.  The company has an R & D laboratory of more than 3000 square meters in Nanjing, a manufacturing base in Chuzhou, Anhui with an annual output of 2000 tons of products, along with a design, clinical R&D and marketing subsidiaries in Dallas and San Francisco, USA.

According to Kylin Liao, founder and CEO of NNB Nutrition, NNB has gained a deeper understanding of the industry, optimized its business model more thoroughly, and made a more comprehensive layout of various capacity construction in the industrial chain after rapid development during recent years. At present, the company is in the stage of large-scale and rapid expansion. On account of the global R&D and marketing system established in the early stage, NNB has realized the commercialization of dozens of varieties, including thousands of tons of popular products. What’s more, R&D investment of NNB increases year by year, maintaining the launch speed of 5-10 innovative varieties every year. “With the help of Addor Capital, NNB Nutrition will keep up to innovate and strengthen its core competitiveness, providing a stronger driving force for future development,” says Kylin.

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NNB creates new and novel ingredients from start to finish and develop ingredients in-house for partners globally. Headquartered in Nanjing, China and subsidiary in California, US and Shanghai, Hong Kong in China with an elite global team of over 100 scientists from more than 10 countries. The team constantly design and deliver innovative ingredients as well as health solutions to the market driven by mission, which is creating premium products on behalf of the health of mankind.

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