Riverdale Might Be Ending Soon: Binge-watch All Previous Seasons in India Free on Osiflix

December 06 16:10 2021

On a recent Instagram live by Lili Reinhart, who stars as Betty Cooper in the hit American teen drama Riverdale, she suggested the possibility of the show coming to its conclusion, probably a slip of the tongue—or not.

Riverdale has always been at the center of debate amongst fans and casual viewers. Some people love it and some just despise the entirety of the show; but for it to run for six seasons now, it surely must have been doing something right. Point being, Reinhart accidentally caused another commotion in the Riverdale community after what seemed to be an innocent slip-up on Instagram.

When asked regarding the seventh season of the show, Reinhart confidentially whispered to the twenty-eight thousand followers watching live, “I don’t know. We’re hoping for a season seven.” She cleared her throat before continuing, “And then that will prob– probably be the last one.” she added and then shrugged her shoulders nonchalantly. No official announcement or follow-through has been made after her statement.

But the internet was quick to catch on the news and was again divided on the possible series finale, some are delighted while others are in dismay. In any case, whether that turns out to be true or not, fans should keep their eyes open for updates and other thrilling news.

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