BitcoinClassic has been supported by the BitKeep Wallet

December 22 18:55 2021

According to Bitcoin Classic community sources, Bitcoin Classic has been supported by the BitKeep Wallet, with an ecological partnership. BitKeep provides more convenient forms of community ecological participation for Bitcoin Classic community fans, which will promote the process of Bitcoin Classic global ecological consensus construction.

Bitcoin Classic has been supported by the BitKeep Wallet

What is the BitKeep wallet?

BitKeep is a world’s leading decentralized multi-chain cryptocurrency wallet, which supports cryptocurrencies including BTC, ETH, BSC, HECO and other cryptocurrencies. It has provided reliable digital currency asset management services for nearly ten million users around the world, and is also a necessary tool wallet for current DeFi users. Among them, the number of monthly active users exceeds 1 million, and BitKeep users cover more than 50 countries and regions, with overseas users accounting for more than 60% of the total number of users.

BitKeep received tens of millions of investments from Jingwei Venture Capital for May 2018 for research and operating expenses. Founded in 1977, Jingwei Venture Capital, headquartered in Boston, United States, is one of the oldest venture capital funds in the United States, focusing on the investment in early entrepreneurial enterprises, with the name of Sequoia Investment and KPCB in the United States.

What is a Bitcoin Classic?

Bitcoin Classic, abbreviated as BGH, issued 210 million copies and was born through a hard fork at the height of the bitcoin block at 630,000. It is an optimized and upgraded version of the original bitcoin chain, which improves transaction speed, reduces transaction fees and deploys a lightning network.

Bitcoin Classic aims to create a complete peer-to-peer e-cash system that allows one party not to pass through finance.

The agency pays directly to the other party; the Bitcoin Classic network is based on a cryptographic proof rather than a letter.

Ren, allows any parties with this will to transfer directly to each other without requiring a trusted third party business.

Computationally irrevocable, this will protect the seller’s rights from fraud, and the regular custody mechanism is easy.

Realize to protect the buyer’s rights and interests.

Holding Bitcoin Classic will bring you sustained wealth growth

The conclusion of ecological cooperation has contributed to different degrees to the ecological construction of Bitcoin Classic and BitKeep; for BitKeep, Bitcoin Classic brings it user traffic and enriches the asset species diversity of BitKeep platform. For Bitcoin Classic, BitKeep provides Bitcoin Classic global users with a more convenient and fast way to improve their assets, prompting Bitcoin Classic to better circulate globally and build a global consensus.

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