Unreleased Network is Enabling the Monetization and Listening of Unreleased Music

January 25 18:53 2022

The Unreleased Network is on a mission to leverage blockchain technology to bring unparalleled transparency and monetization models to the music industry.

By tapping into the vast supply of unpublished works, which many experts estimate to account for 90% of an artist’s output, the community-first dApp is bridging the gap between musicians and their loyal fans—cutting out trad-fi middlemen in the process.

Monetizing the Vast Treasure Trove of Unpublished Work

For most artists, only a small percentage of their work makes it to the public. The vast majority of their creative output sits untouched in private archives, never to see the light of day.

Unreleased Network is offering artists the opportunity to bring their unpublished work to their most loyal fans through private subscriptions.

By leveraging the network’s built-in music player and subscription management platform, artists can put the fruits of their labor in front of their fans in record times. Thanks to blockchain technology and decentralized finance, Unreleased Network can publish works without any major costs or legal hurdles, the savings of which are passed directly to the artist.

The system is designed from the ground to offer simple and effortless operations. As such, the platform works on a subscription model where listeners can subscribe to individual artists by paying a monthly fee. As long as they are a paying subscriber, they get “free” access to all published works by that artist.

Democratizing the Music Space by Giving Power Back to the Artists

The creators of Unreleased Network have unshakable faith in a democratic, artist-first platform. The team is proving its commitment to that philosophy by introducing multiple mechanisms designed to serve creative individuals and groups.

For instance, the artists are allowed to set the cost of their monthly subscription at their own discretion, with no pressure or nudging from any third party. Furthermore, the proceeds of this subscription are retained in full by the artist, which is in stark comparison to the industry average of 12% royalties in the trad-fi world.

The platform deals exclusively in unreleased works, freeing the artists of any legal concerns with their record labels and any other partners. Creatives get to retain 100% rights and royalties to their work on top of the choice to only publish what they wish.

Leveraging NFT Technology to Offer an Exciting and Lucrative Monetization Venue

The subscription mechanism alone is set to empower countless artists by helping them offer enticing perks to their subscribers without having to invest precious time and energy into creating something from scratch. Fans cherish these unpublished works because it allows them to take their connection to the next level by getting subscriber-exclusive works that they won’t find anywhere else.

However, Unreleased Network has another wonderful trick up its sleeves that could be the savior that smaller artists need. The platform will allow artists to put up unique, one-of-its-kind pieces that will be turned into an NFT and auctioned off to the highest bidder—the proceeds of which will go in full to the artist after the minting and fixed platform fee, which only happens at the song publishing not in it’s sale.

In a world where random selfies of a high-schooler can fetch over $1 million, offering exclusive NFTs is another venue that can revolutionize the monetization of music.

Through the Unreleased Network, artists will have the option to turn any unpublished work into an NFT without any hassle or technical know-how needed. The fan who closes the sale will get exclusive access to the piece, resulting in the immediate transfer of the asset from the artist’s wallet to the fan’s wallet.

For fans, this will give them the option to get 100% ownership of a creative piece of auditory art from their favorite artist, a piece that’s exclusive for the pleasure of their ears only. Furthermore, the listener will also have the option to sell the piece like any other NFT, making room for profitable music trading.

Unreleased Network is still in the test-net network and is planning to release in the main-net in February.

To learn more about the Unreleased Network, interested parties are encouraged to explore their website at unreleased.network

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