PlanckX’s new Open Blockchain Gaming/NFT Marketplace is about to launch, The new launch has a cleaner and more streamlined interface, with many new perks for Blockchain Games and NFT Creators

May 06 00:21 2022

PlanckX’s new Open Blockchain Gaming/ NFT Marketplace is about to launch! The new launch has a cleaner and more streamlined interface, with many new perks for Blockchain Games and NFT Creators.

Since announcing its 2022 roadmap at the end of last year, PlanckX publicly stated its goal to build a more professional and smooth game asset trading platform for global Web3 gamers, and is on track to do so!

PlanckX’s vision is for the platform to meet all the needs of Blockchain P2E gamers, with a top-of-the-line aggregate platform; providing cross-chain transaction services from games to tokens, so players have the most streamlined experience with Blockchain Games. 

Specific Highlights for the new launch:

NFT Marketplace UI Optimization

Planck’s core positioning in the market is to create a “completely decentralized game asset trading platform”. Different from existing products, in the PlanckX version 2.0, the homepage has added a game ranking and NFT trading page which allows players to search for the most popular P2E games and high-frequency traded NFTs for a smoother experience, updating information in real-time to ensure maximum benefits.

Implementation of NFT matching transaction technology

Currently, with NFT trading it is difficult to predict when NFT’s skyrocket and plummet. Pending order bids also need to wait for the price parity of both parties for each transaction. This situation inevitably makes NFT transactions elusive and requires patience. PlanckX adopts a trading technology update. The matching transaction model in future trading is adopted, and the principle of price priority and time priority is used to promote faster NFT transactions that meet users’ high-frequency trading needs.

IPFS distributed data storage

There have been frequent incidents of theft recently in regards to P2E game assets. Even Axie Infinity couldn’t combat the attacks of hackers. The security problem with blockchain games needs to be addressed and solved promptly.

In order to prevent platform game users from suffering losses due to hackers or natural and human error, PlanckX has adopted with this update IPFS technology and distributed multi-point transmission, which not only improves the transmission speed but also ensures the safety of platform users’ data and assets.

Valar chain browser beta version released

The long-awaited PlanckX main chain Valar, with its browser beta version, will also be unveiled with this update. The emergence of the Valar browser will create faster transactions, greater compatibility, and lower consumption of game assets for platform users’ trading.

Through its unique layer 2 solution, and Valar, the platform’s main chain, PlanckX allows users to conduct cross-chain NFT transactions on the PlanckX platform. For example, NFTs issued on BNB can be purchased with ETH on the Ethereum chain, thus saying goodbye to the cumbersome Token exchange of NFT transactions.  Using the PlanckX main chain to trade in the platform will achieve zero handling fee, effectively reducing the transaction fee within the platform, and providing a more friendly game asset trading experience for users who mint and trade NFTs.

NFT Avatar Issuance Adopts New Technology

The PlanckX platform will also enable the platform’s own XNFT smart contract for users who mint NFTs in batches, this will save the extra gas fee caused by calling the contract multiple times, thus bringing users a much lower cost.

XNFT is a technical implementation of IERC721. The contract will reduce the gas fee from three different aspects: Removing duplicate storage, Reducing the frequency of data updates, and Updating the wallet balance in batches, which can effectively reduce the NFT minting fee by 30%-50%. This will help game developers reduce the cost of releasing NFTs and allow more players to participate in the use and investment of game assets.

The principles of NFT trading based on matching transactions are undoubtedly new, but as more people join, this NFT trading model may become as popular as existing Token trading in the near future.

The world is approaching a new era; where social, work, and life-based on the metaverse will lead us to open a new chapter. At PlanckX we are looking forward to the new wave of Web3 games.



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