Logo Evaluation Criteria, Tips and Business Logo Designing Guidelines from Branding Expert & Business Strategist Hirav Shah

May 25 04:49 2022
Logo Evaluation Criteria, Tips and Business Logo Designing Guidelines from Branding Expert & Business Strategist Hirav Shah

Leading business astrologer, business strategist, and corporate coach, Hirav Shah believes that businesses can have a powerful impact and uncover the true potential of their business with the use of effective logo evaluation, designing, branding strategies and guidelines.

While a logo is quintessential for helping a customer in distinguishing one brand from another, branding is quintessential to achieving good positioning in the market. Understanding the huge impact both of these strategies can have on a business’s momentum, the famed Astro Strategist, Hirav Shah has stepped in to empower businesses with numerology and astrologically-fit logo designing guidelines and branding strategies.

“If you wish to have more success, you should keep your logo, brand name, and company name correct according to numerology and astrology. They can help give businesses a better purpose, meaningfulness, energy, and apart from guiding them in the right direction”, says the Astro Strategy expert.

Most companies often experience limited growth or success because they end up picking the wrong content, shape, expression, colors, or font, amongst other branding strategies. Such wrong selection and alignment with astrology and numerology can hamper opportunities or success of the business. But Hirav Shah is dedicated to solving this hindrance to aid businesses in enhancing their efficiency and improving their overall potential.

He suggests keeping the first letter of one’s brand logo content capital to emphasise the first letter specifically. He feels the color of a brand’s logo adds more meaning, and character, and speaks for its worthiness and intentions. His expertise in color psychology and its impact on human behaviour enables him to help his clients achieve their greatest potential with the right coloured brand logo. For instance, he believes that the Golden color promises prosperity and luxury, and Green is associated with inevitable growth.

Hirav highly recommends using logo shapes such as leaves, stars, arrows, world map, or fingers rather than oval, round, fire, flame, and plus shapes for achieving success in all spheres of a business. He expresses that using any kind of closed shape, for instance, an oval or round shape, can curtail a business’ potential because it limits openness to what the universe has to offer.

From branding strategies for building a loyal customer base to employer, branding strategies for attracting exceptionally skilled and talented employees, this business strategist and Astro Strategy expert can aidbusinesses across the globe in increasing certainty for themselves despite the present-day uncertain world.

“In order to achieve realistic business goals, offline and online businesses need a strategic direction. Only Astro-Strategy analysis accompanied with numerology can offer businesses a heads-up and prepare them for what’s lying ahead of them in the near future”, shared Hirav.

Over the years, Hirav Shah has worked with some of the leading companies and businesses around the globe to analyse their true potential. No matter what branding or logo designing queries you have in mind, he is the go-to person for designing the most suitable logo and branding strategies for businesses to become unstoppable.

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