Algo Foundry and Guardrail Announce Strategic Collaboration to Produce Top-grade Algorand Infrastructure

June 08 20:42 2022
Algo Foundry and Guardrail Announce Strategic Collaboration to Produce Top-grade Algorand Infrastructure

SINGAPORE – 8 Jun, 2022 – Algo Foundry and Guardrail are pleased to announce they have entered into a strategic collaboration to create new Algorand infrastructure deployments on AWS using Guardrail’s industry leading AWS solution. The collaboration will enable Algo Foundry, a venture studio building next-gen technology products, to build more products faster, that exceed industry expectations of quality.

With technology and security playing increasingly critical roles in every aspect of business, Algo Foundry recognizes that for enterprises to remain competitive within the Algorand ecosystem, they need to accelerate the development of air-tight-secure, digital solutions.

The Foundry-Guardrail collaboration will produce production-grade variants of Algorand infrastructure

Indexer, AlgoD Node and KMD – that are fully synchronised in under an hour and ready to be the infrastructure workhorse for AWS customers, Algorand products and protocols who are serious about going to market.

“Great and sustainable projects and protocols require predictable and reliable infrastructure. It is great thing for the Algorand ecosystem to have an infrastructure solution that is truly production ready, and fast to deploy, so builders can focus on what they love: building great user experiences. Guardrail is an industry leader in providing devops-enabled solutions in the cloud, and Algo Foundry is proud to collaborate on producing vital infrastructure solutions,” said Michael Knott, CTO of Algo Foundry.

We’re excited for this collaboration with Algo Foundry. There are many commercial ventures in the blockchain space – particularly those in DeFi that handle people’s money – who claim they are innovating, when in reality, they are experimenting. We like working with Algo Foundry because they’ve gone beyond the experimentation phase, and they take security seriously. Everything they do is about building quality products that customers can rely on. Three days into the collaboration, the Algorand community has pre-synced blockchain infrastructure…” said Chris Econn, CEO of Guardrail

Common Problems Faced Delayed Syncing Time

Synchronising an AlgoD node and an Indexer usually takes three to four (3-4) weeks, adding significant lead time to the deployment of project infrastructure.

Lack of Production Grade Scaling

Typical installations of AlgoD nodes and Indexers are on a single server, without the ability to elastically scale each of the resources (cpu, disk read, disk write) independently and dynamically.

High Availability

Single server deployments of this infrastructure meant that any catastrophic failure, resulted in the loss of critical infrastructure pieces, and coupled with long lead times, made it difficult for projects to recover in a timely manner.


Strange occurrences went unnoticed until it was a problem that needed solving because teams often focused on the application or protocol they were producing, neglecting infrastructure pieces.

Through this collaboration, Algo Foundry is able to solve all of the common problems with hosting Algorand infrastructure:

  • Reducing the deployment time of all the Algorand infrastructure (AlgoD, Indexer, KMD) from the usual 3 to 4 weeks to just under one hour.
  • Utilisation of elastic scaling from Amazon, which splits disk reads and writes to separate containers, allowing it to scale any of the resources dynamically.
  • Utilisation of load-balancing and other high availability resources from Amazon to ensure that infrastructure pieces stay up and available.
  • Monitoring all the containers and services, giving your devops team insights into how the infrastructure is performing and being utilised.

Guardrail & Foundry will be hosting a webinar including their leading cloud security experts and experts from the AWS Well-Architected team, to explore solutions that answer the most critical challenges faced in securing infrastructure for blockchain applications.. Take back actionable ideas and strategies that could help strengthen the security of your organisation’s blockchain operations, assets and critical data. In the collaborative virtual learning event, attendees will have the opportunity to ask the speakers questions and chat with attendees in real time.

Visit Guardrail & Foundry websites for the webinar announcement.

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