Polybutylene Succinate (PBS) Market Size, Share, Growth Opportunities, and Forecast 2022-2029 | DataM Intelligence

July 25 23:05 2022
Polybutylene Succinate (PBS) Market Size, Share, Growth Opportunities, and Forecast 2022-2029 | DataM Intelligence
DataM Intelligence
Global Polybutylene Succinate (PBS) Market is estimated to reach at a high CAGR of 7.2% during the forecast period (2022-2029).

Market Overview

PBS (polybutylene succinate) is a polyester-primarily based thermoplastic polymer resin. PBS is an aliphatic polyester that is biodegradable and has residences much like polypropylene. Bionolle (Showa Denko), GsPLA, and BioPBSTM are emblem names (Mitsubishi Chemical). The biopolymer accommodates succinic acid condensation and 1-4 butanediol (BDO), which affords a building block for biopolymer compounds to plastic manufacturers. PBS is a biodegradable aliphatic polyester with polypropylene-like houses. The US Department of Energy has named it one of the top 12 chemical bio-primarily based building blocks for the destiny.

Its advanced mechanical homes and processability can be utilized in numerous quit-user packages using conventional processing techniques which include extrusion, injection, or the blown paintings. It’s becoming a possible opportunity to polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) (PET). In certain applications, it may substitute polyolefin and polystyrenes and polylactic acid (PLA).


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Market Dynamics

The developing market for the packaging enterprise drives the global polybutylene succinate (PBS) market. The growing demand for biodegradable polymers throughout the globe is anticipated to reinforce the market proportion of PBAT inside the forecast duration.

The developing marketplace for the packaging enterprise is triggering the demand for PBS in the current instances

As in step with latest research, packaging demand global has reached US$917.1billion in 2019 and is projected to develop even further in the forecast duration. In 2018, Asia became the biggest region, accounting for 40.6 percent of world packaging intake. North America is within the 2nd function, accounting for 22.6 percent of world packaging utilization, beforehand of Western Europe, which accounts for 20.Three%. However, the growing demand for packaging is chargeable for triggering plastic’s call for in various packaging industries global. These rising plastic numbers are unfavourable the entire atmosphere for the beyond many decades.

It’s not just about recycling in relation to environmentally friendly packaging. The production technique also can enhance packaging’s sustainability and the uncooked substances used. Bio-primarily based plastics allow for the improvement of more environmentally friendly packaging with advanced performance. Polybutylene succinate (PBS) makes an superb candidate to contribute to cleaner give up-of-lifestyles options at low-priced disposal costs. PBS can get processed into movies, luggage, or boxes within the packaging discipline for both food and beauty packaging. In addition, it is a biodegradable and biobased polymer that may be used in diverse industries along with food packaging such as paper cups, disposable tableware, and gasoline barrier packaging. One of the first-class examples of its fiber compatibility is the PLA-PBS mixture used to make nonwoven material. Furthermore, by using combining extraordinary biopolymers and building the desired compound, improved houses can be finished. So a long way, handiest one employer has effectively commercialized bio-PBS and continues to be developing various bio-PBS merchandise.


Market Segmentation

By Type

  • Bio-based Polybutylene Succinate
  • Conventional Polybutylene Succinate

By Process

  • Trans-esterification
  • Direct Esterification

By Manufacturing Process

  • Extrusion
  • Injection Molding
  • Blow Molding
  • Thermoforming

By End-User

  • Packaging
  • Agriculture
  • Textile
  • Consumer Goods
  • Electronics and Electrical
  • Automotive
  • Others


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Competitive Landscape

The polybutylene succinate (PBS) market is highly competitive with local and global companies. Some of the key players contributing to the market’s growth include Anqing Hexing Chemical Co., Ltd, Eastman Chemical Company, Zhejiang Hangzhou Xinfu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, Succinity Gmbh, Reverdia, Anqing Hexing Chemical Co., Ltd, PTT MCC Biochem Co., Ltd, TEIJIN LIMITED, DuPont, BASF and among others.   

The major players are adopting several growth strategies such as product launches, acquisitions and collaborations, contributing to the growth of the polybutylene succinate (PBS) market globally. The key players are favoring partnership and acquisition as a growth strategy to build their business.


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