The Secret to Choose the Best Inverter for Lithium-ion Battery in India is Out Now

May 24 22:37 2024

When it comes to choosing the best inverter for Lithium-ion battery in India, the process might seem extremely complicated and lengthy. But now, with insights from a leading lithium-ion battery storage Inverter/UPS manufacturer in India, the steps are not only clear but easy to follow.

If you are planning for power outages, traditional lead-acid inverter systems might seem like the only option, but Lithium Inverter technology is rapidly changing the game. Companies like Su-vastika, which has a strong background in providing lithium-ion battery-based power solutions, are at the forefront of this movement to switch from lead-acid to lithium-powered battery storage systems.

But before you jump in, here’s a guide to help you decide how to choose the best Lithium Inverter that is the right fit for your home.

Choosing the Right Inverter:

Now that you have decided to choose Lithium-ion battery-based inverter/UPS, here are some key factors to consider:

  • Power Needs: Identify the wattage or VA required to run your essential appliances during a power cut.

  • Backup Time: Determine how long you need your inverter to provide power. This depends on the appliances you use and for how long.

  • Space Constraints: Manufacturers like Su-vastika offer wall-mounted models for smaller inverters (1 KVA to 10 KVA), saving precious floor space.

Beyond the Basics: Features that Make a Difference

  • Sleep Mode for Battery Protection: This crucial feature prevents excessive battery drain during low-power situations, extending the lifespan of your Lithium battery.

  • Pure Sinewave Technology: This ensures your appliances receive clean, reliable power, similar to what you get from the grid.

  • Isolation Transformer: Provides an extra layer of safety by isolating your devices from the power source.

  • Smart Monitoring with Bluetooth/Wi-Fi: Inverters from Luminous and Su-vastika offer app connectivity, allowing you to control and monitor your system remotely for ultimate convenience.

  • In-House Battery Production: Companies like Su-vastika manufacture their own lithium battery packs, potentially offering better quality control and competitive pricing.

Companies offering Lithium-ion battery-based inverter/UPS 

  • Exide: A household name in batteries, Exide has entered the Lithium Inverter arena with its “Integra” series. This range caters to homes and small offices, offering a reliable and integrated power backup solution with Lithium-ion technology.

  • Luminous: Another major player in the Indian power solutions market, Luminous offers a range of Lithium-ion inverters under the “NXG” brand. These inverters are known for their efficiency, durability, and compatibility with various battery capacities.

  • Microtek: A renowned inverter manufacturer, Microtek has also introduced Lithium-ion-based inverters. Their offerings focus on providing clean power output and extended backup times, making them suitable for homes and businesses seeking reliable power protection.

So, which is the best Inverter for Lithium-ion batteries in India? The answer is not from the list above but a start-up that has changed the face of lithium-battery-based power storage solutions in India. Enter Su-vastika.

Why is Su-vastika the best Lithium-ion-based Inverter/UPS manufacturer in India?

  • Experience Matters: Founded by Mr. Kunwer Sachdev, a renowned figure in the Indian power industry, Su-vastika leverages his 30 years of expertise to deliver cutting-edge inverter technology.

  • Innovation at its core: With 15 patents specifically focused on Lithium-based storage systems, Su-vastika is committed to developing advanced solutions.

  • Spoiled for Choice: They offer a comprehensive range of Lithium Inverters, from small 1 KVA models to powerful 250 KVA options, catering to diverse needs.

  • Early Entrant Advantage: Su-vastika is a pioneer in the Indian lithium inverter market, offering a proven track record and over four years of experience.

It should be noted that Suvastika is mentored by the Lithium Man of India, Kunwer Sachdev, who was also the founder of Su-kam. However, he has no relationship with Su-kam in any capacity and is not associated with any of Su-kam’s products.

The Bottom Line

While the initial cost of lithium inverters might be higher than that of traditional options, Su-vastika positions itself competitively with feature-rich products built for long-term durability. Consider your power needs, desired backup time, and budget to decide if a Su-vastika Lithium Inverter is the best way to keep your home powered through outages.

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